Situated beside the Gate of Harmony (the entrance to Chinatown), Ocean Garden Restaurant has garnered a huge local following. Regulars and tourists mingle in the bustling restaurant known for exceptional value and large portions of tasty Cantonese and Szechuan Dishes. Whether you go all out and choose live seafood from the tank or try signature Mandarin pork chops, salt and pepper seafood and prawns or ginger fried beef, you`ll be glad you came!

The lunch rush starts at 11 a.m. with combo specials starting at $6.50 and rice dishes starting at $7.95. Dinner combos starting at $6.95. Open 7 days a week with free hot home delivery. Located on the corner of Fisgard and Government Street.

Owner / Chef Larry Ng is very happy and proud to share his philosophy about the Ocean Garden Restaurant ...

Larry has been passionate about chinese food and the restaurant business since he was 13, a chef who still cooks with his heart and believes in old fashioned values such as:

1.) Great Food
2.) Generous Portions
3.) Great Prices
4.) Inviting Atmosphere and Staff

These 4 principles are the corner stone of Larry's philosophy and the reason why Ocean Garden is one of the busiest restaurants in town. Established in 1991 Ocean Garden is busy all year round and always alive with a loyal following of locals and tourists.

1.) Great Food - Passionate about chinese food, Head Chef Larry Ng and has his talented brigade of sous-chef's have worked hard to create delicious chinese recipes to tempt and titillate your taste buds. Just have a look at these tasty photos.

2.) Generous Portions - Ever been disappointed with chicken chow mein because you just get a little bit of chicken sprinkled on top? Never at Ocean Garden Restaurant, every dish has generous portions of meat and generous portions of vegetables so you won`t be dissappointed.

3.) Great Prices - Lunch combos start at $6.95 and rice dishes start at $7.95.

4.) Inviting Atmosphere and Staff - You are warmly welcomed to an inviting dining room with raised ceiling, designer lamps, and pictures. Larry has worked hard to create a warm inviting dining room where friends and family can gather in comfortable and tasteful surroundings. Once seated expect to be served chinese tea while a friendly but busy waiter takes your order.

"Hope you appreciate our philosophy and come in and give us a try." - Larry Ng